Leadermete is a yearly event held for adult and youth volunteers and 4-H partners to connect, discover, share ideas and energize their own portions of 4-H. Leadermete presents many workshops and classes every year in categories varying from crafts, to how to work with youth, to technology areas, and much much more!

Volunteers are able to attend these workshops to gain knowledge and personal experiences from other volunteers. There is also a volunteer award ceremony held at the end Leadermete giving a variety of awards for a wide range of volunteering efforts.

Each year, the presenters at leadermete create wonderful activity ideas, handouts, and other resources.  These materials are uploaded to our online Resource Library for use by people like you.  Click here to access these Leadermete materials from previous workshops.  

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Registration Information

 How to Register for Leadermete:

Step 1: Download Packet - Available 2015

Step 2: Review the packet

Step 3: After reviewing the packet you are ready to register online. While using the online registration program you can access the above Registration Packet by clicking the book icon on the left hand side of the page. You may also see a description of a specific workshop by clicking on its name.

Step 4:  Register

Questions? Contact your County Extension Office.