After School Online Resource Center

A SORC is…

A SORC: stands for After School Online Resource Center.

A SORC: is a virtual library available on the website that was designed specifically to meet the needs of persons working in after school programs.

A SORC: is a searchable database of activity ideas and lesson plans. Many of these lesson plans are in a unique “Grab-n-Go” format. Activities in this format require little preparation time and few, easy to obtain, materials.

A SORC: is also a hub where after school personnel can submit, review, and publish ideas and activity plans. The submission process includes access to people who can assist with formatting documents to place on the website. Lesson plans on A SORC are in a PDF format so as to maintain the integrity and authorship of the document.

A SORC: also contains other resources such as a list of kits available to check out from the state 4-H office, links, and access to useful information, forms, and surveys for after school programs.

A SORC: is a place that will expand and change with the needs and feedback from people working in after school programs.

A SORC: is YOUR online resource center.

Afterschool Resources

Kits Available for Check-out 

4-H Afterschool on the Web  - This page is the equivalent to the “Afterschool on CD 2007,” available at the Utah State 4-H Office with links to many resources applicable to 4-H Afterschool programs. 

Afterschool Program Surveys - Afterschool surveys are designed to find out more about the impact of afterschool programs in Utah. Download documents needed to conduct surveys with your afterschool program from here.

Potentially Helpful References for Afterschool Programs - Document with useful references on the benefits of After School Programs

Free lesson plans for integrating character education - Center for Youth Ethics with "Character Counts".  Great Character Lesson Plan Bank covering Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Fairness, Respect, Caring, Responsibility and Citizenship.

Bibliography containing citations for out-of-school time (OST) program evaluations and research studies that Harvard Family Research Project is currently tracking.

Want to get an Afterschool program started in your area, but not sure where to start? Click here for a PDF version of our ABC...123 Afterschool Program Handbook, and click here for the Word version. (Word is provided so that you may edit information to more directly apply to your own program).

Useful Afterschool Program Links

    Find useful links to websites dealing with everything from lesson plans to grants:  ASORC Links


What do YOU want?  Please fill out this BRIEF questionnaire and email it back to us.  A SORC will be updated frequently with the things YOU want

Got an idea for a great activity?  Send it in for publication right here on A SORC.  We can even help with reviewing, editing, and formating.  All files are published as secure PDF files and sources are throughly documented to protect authorship.  To send ideas and lesson plans via email click here.

To download a blank activity plan template click here.


We understand your busy life that’s why has developed a virtual library with activity plan downloads that require little preparation time and few, easy to find, materials.

 Look for activities with this symbol so you can Grab it and Go!

Browse by 4-H Curriculum has an extensive curriculm library for 4-H clubs.  Many of these lesson plans are easily adaptable for use in after school settings. 
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