The 4-H Program wouldn't truly be 4-H without Games!  Just look at all of the fun game activities that you use to lead fun, group forming activities.  The activities and games are divided into four sections: 4-H Activities, Group Activities, Ice Breakers, and Problem Solving.

We hope that you will give us feedback about which games you like the best.  If you have a game or activity that has worked well for you and is not listed here, please share it with us!

4-H Activities

4-H History Pigs
4-H Projects Plants
4-H Projects (Word Search)
Food Guide Pyramid

Group Activities
Back to Back
Balloon Batting Game Picking Up a Coin
Picture Game
Pig Island Relay or Island Paradise
Pin Your Partner
Boop Crab Football Style
Quick Change
Chinese Writing
Creating Critters
Dizzy Izzy Scavenger Hunts
Feeling Snowball Fight Sneak a Peek and Build
Spin the Ball
Steal the Bacon
Going Blank Straight Jacket
Swiss Relay
The Walking Chair
Trust Tag
Jolly Green Giant/ Sharks and Minnows Ultimate Frisbee
Jump and Touch Toes Unsmiling
Jump the Stick
Our Group Is a House

Blanket Name Game Name Association
Name Balloon Pop Race              
Candy Toss
Name Tag Grab
Do You Love Your Neighbor?
Person Alliteration
Person to Person
Scavenger Hunt
Secret Agent
Group Juggle
Suit Up
I’m Going to California That’s My Name
Toilet Paper
Trade Ya Candy
True Identity
King of The Jungle Zip, Zap, Zoop

 Problem Solving

Back To Back Drawing                
Listening Exercise
Listening Exercise Worksheet
Balloon Tower
Blind Polygon
Penny Pondering
Bubble Blowing Contest
Rope Knot Race
Circle Tag Stepping Stones
Egg Construction
Face Up Card Toss The Reward Game
Warp Speed
Kidney Machine Exercise Water Coin Drop