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 This page is designed for quick access to items of interest for faculty and staff working with 4-H youth development.

 4-H Club Basics

  • 4-H 101... The Basics of Starting 4-H Clubs - The newly revised 4-H 101 is designed to be a general overview and resource guide for youth development staff or volunteers who are starting new 4-H clubs or working with existing clubs. 4-H 101 merges the basic concepts and principles of effective youth development delivered in a non-formal (out of school) setting with the "nuts and bolts" information needed to manage a 4-H program.

4-H Handbook and Policy Guidelines

  • 4-H Handbook and Policy Guidelines -This PDF version of the handbook has a navigatable table of contents to help users quickly find information. It also has bookmarked pages that can be accessed by opening the bookmarks tab of Adobe PDF Reader. We hope this will be a helpful resource to you.
4-H Horse Test Generator:

4-H Livestock Test Generator:

  • The  4-H Livestock Test Generator creates tests for beef, sheep, swine, or goats for junior, intermediate or senior grade divisions. It is a resource for Extension staff only.

4-H Materials – Audio & Visual

County Awards and Achievement Program

Event Registration (To be completed by County Staff)

EZ Plug Website Help

  • EZ Plug WebHelps- We are happy to share with you the new EzPlug web site instructions. This is a great step by step tutorial if you are new to using EZ Plug on your county Extension website. Use this to help train volunteers or club members who are interested in helping you create and maintain your website. You can print out this 6 page instruction sheet to help you with editing your web site.

*Note: If you still need to request a user name and password you can request one at, to log on to EzPlug go to

GPS Units

  • GPSUnits- Please contact your local County Extension for checkout availability. Counties will then visit our Resource/Kits for Checkout page for information about GPS Units availability and checkout information.

4-H Online Registration Support

Online Training

  • Everyone Ready® - online training for Extension staff working with volunteers, at your convenience. Choose the topics that are meaningful to you and access archived topics and related articles as needed.

a) Go to
b) Click on “Resources” on the left menu, then “Staff Resources”
c) “Everyone Ready® Online Professional Development Program” link under “National 4-H Learning Priorities”

Staff Development Training Curriculum

  • Preparing the Youth Development Professional - This newly revised curriculum (formerly Moving Ahead) is a comprehensive staff development training that provides an overview of the competencies needed for those choosing to work with young people in the out-of-school settings. these include understanding critical needs and competencies, methods of non-formal education, addressing risk and building protective factors, dealing with differences, conflict resolution, programming for developmental needs, understanding negative and self-destructive behaviors, and forging youth and adult partnerships.

USU Driver Training and Testing

  • The online driver training must be completed by all persons driving on University business every 2 years.  
  • Please visit
  • View the video
  • Take the online test. (Warning - the test is challenging, reference the Utah Driver's Handbook when taking the test.)
  • Print the "Certificate of Completion".  Keep the certificate on file with your department.  Departments are responsible for insuring compliance with the training requirement.
  • If you are a new USU driver, you must also complete a "Drivers Authorization" (  Send this form and a copy of your Certificate of Completion of Driver training to the Motor Pool at UMC 9000.

Volunteer Award Nominations (Due February 1, every year)

Youth Development Study

  • Youth Development Study - Click here to access the results of a large youth development study showing positive aspects of 4-H involvement. It has been talked about at various 4-H events. This study is accessed through the 4-H Brand Network and requires a username and login which can be obtained from the home site of the formerly mentioned source.

Utah Association of Extension 4-H Workers

  • The purpose of the Utah Association of Extension 4-H Workers is to promote the 4-H youth development profession and support educators providing leadership for Utah 4-H.  Active membership is open to 4-H youth development professionals; affiliate membership is open to 4-H sponsors and donors and other youth development professionals.

Helpful Links

There are many useful websites available to help you with your 4-H programs and activities. Here are some of the sites that we have found to be good, reliable resources. - This one site now captures the National Council Site, the 4-H Mall, 4-H Afterschool, and so much more.  You can find links to the the National Council Site, the 4-H Mall, and 4-H Afterschool from the navigation bar at the top of the home page.

  4-H Afterschool - This website is the hub for all National 4-H Afterschool programs.  Here you will find information about afterschool programming, resources and training, links to afterschool organizations, and more.  Use this resource to help build your afterschool program!
  4-H Mall - Looking for 4-H awards, appearal, books, club supplies, curricula, educational resources  . . . ?  You name it, you'll find it here!  Take advantage of this site to promote your 4-H clubs and activities.  
  Afterschool Utah! Association - The Afterschool Utah! Association web site contains information for professionals who work with youth during out of school hours.
  Ag in the Classroom (National) - This website, sponsored by the USDA-CSREES, Agriculture in the Classroom Program.  Find teacher resources, student activities, information about state programs, and a national resource directory.
  Ag in the Classroom (Utah) - This side is the best place to look when seeking resources for teaching about agriculture.  Take a look at the teacher training and resources, student center activities, lesson plans, and much more!
  National 4-H Council - The National 4-H Council is the national, private sector non-profit partner of 4-H and the Cooperative Extension System.  This website serves as a national connection between extensions and 4-H programs.

National 4-H Headquarters - This website is a great place to look for 4-H policies and regulations, program statistics, and view national 4-H news and events


Utah State Office of Education - The Utah State Office of Education supports educators, volunteers, and parents in their efforts to provide resources for teaching children.  Take advantage of the many resources here that are fit to the Utah core curriculum.